Christmas with the Cherrys VIII

Franklin, TN 12/27/07 - 1/1/08

I get them to stop and pose because I didn't think I'd gotten any good pictures yet.  Ha, only 140 of them. Or so.



Morgan bareback on Sir Henry


Such concentration there, girl.



Kaylee and Bean


Done riding for the year...


Which she ponders briefly,


before giving me one final big grin.


We are playing "Around the World" on the horse.  And yes, she's pointing at and amused by his bum.


All the way around, and then off!


Bye Sir Henry!



While it looks like Bean is eating her head, really they are just hugging.



I think they like each other.





One final fence-standing watch for a few minutes before heading in for the day.


Kaylee & Rania decorate cookies and get them ready for everyone to eat.






Kaylee put cookie decorations on her mashed potatoes, and then ate them that way.





Ah, New Year's Eve, after the ball fell, she passes out on the floor...


Happy New Year to the Sleepy Crew!


It's 2008 now, you guys can go to bed.  ;)


See, there's the proof...



The morning we all left; the puzzle the grandkids all did with Grandma & Grandpa.
Time for us all to go home!


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)