Christmas with the Cherrys V

Franklin, TN 12/27/07 - 1/1/08

Kaylee, Tanner & Scooby





Richard & Ann opening their gift from the grandkids.



Group Grandkid Photo!


To Steve from Mom & Dad



Steve with his parents


Kaylee opening her gift





With Uncle Lon & Aunt Cathy.  (She's playing with her pet shop stuff as I type this by the way).  :)


Richard & Ann fighting over a bag Cathy gave them. ;)



Kaylee and I looking at the musical snow globe given to us in memory of Devon & Sidney


Christmas Giving Time is Over, now it's time for the Obligatory Christmas Tree Photo!  You know, these days they are bigger than the tree!  :)



Kaylee and Rania unwrapping presents from their tough packaging.



It's a group effort to undo all the ties and plastic!


Tanner with Uncle Steve, playing on his MP3 Player and drumsticks.


Now it's Rania & Kaylee's turn.


Hanging out watching the Titans/Colts game.


We were all disappointed except Tanner.


Kaylee on Alonna.


Alonna was sick by the way, and still managed to keep up with this girl.  I'M impressed.


The Crew


Cathy was amused that we matched, and took a photo.  That happens a lot around here.  (The matching thing).  :)


While we're doing couple shots, here's one of Lon and Cathy next.  ;)


Bringing the horses up to ride.



Morgan, Alonna, Steve and Richard bringing up the horses.



Lovely scenery...














I can't tell which one it is, but isn't he or she beautiful?  :)


The fence-gazers, waiting to go in.


Horses and saddles and rear ends ready to go.

Kaylee watching...

Petting Sir Henry


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)