Christmas with the Cherrys III

Franklin, TN 12/27/07 - 1/1/08


The beginnings of a real laugh coming...


I hate that it's blurry, but I love it when she laughs for real and no cheesy smile.  She has a beautiful smile.  :o)



Tanner on the chair, Morgan and Kaylee in the fireplace hidey hole.



Just hanging out.  Kaylee (like most kids) loves hiding spots you know.



Tanner plays piano for us before we open gifts.


So does Rania.



We're just listening to her play...


There's more trouble.  :)



Alonna reading the Christmas Story



Reading from the Bible...



Santa Steve


Posturing Santa Steve.  :)


Hey, Santa got the first gift for himself this year!  Hmmm.


To Alonna from Kaylee


Is that cute or what?


Kaylee & Alonna


Chocolate chocolate everywhere!  :)


Kaylee unwrapping...



Littlest Pets!


She sure was excitable this year.  :)


Kaylee attacks Rania in a hug...



Kaylee & Rania


Cathy opening her surprise gift





Aren't they cute?  ;)


Alonna opening hers from Grandma & Grandpa.




Richard & Ann opening their gift



Hey-Kaylee's trying to eat my Hershey Pillow.


Kaylee's turn again.


The Baby in a pop bottle! Wow, how'd they know??



Okay, I love this picture.  Look at that face.  :)


Kaylee and Alonna


Kaylee & Alonna


Kaylee & Tanner

Cathy opens her present from her parents


It's a beautiful ornament from Australia.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)