Christmas with the Cherrys IV

Franklin, TN 12/27/07 - 1/1/08


Cathy with her Mom & Dad and gifts.


Kaylee squeezes Morgan in half.  :)



Kaylee & Morgan



Richard & Ann opening presents.



Richard and Ann with the Cherry kids.


Lon opening a gag gift from his in-laws.



Which Richard and Ann find quite funny too!  :)



Lon & the Stants'


Kaylee gives Aunt Cathy a hug.  She gave her aunt a pair of bunny slippers, but SHE wanted a pair too, so she's half jealous seeing them again. ;)


Yet she acted graciously.


And look at the shock on her face when she got a pair too!


Love those grins.


Real dimples!



Matching bunny slippers for the two ladies.


More real grins.  :)


They tried them on, and they are quite comfy!



Lon tries to give Steve a big kiss,



but Steve is playing hard to get.  ;)



Laura & Steve with Richard & Ann


I like the "ooooh" on her lips there as she opens a beautiful red purse from Grandma.



Kaylee with her gifts from Grandpa and Grandma.



Kaylee with Morgan and the earrings she gave her.


Kaylee thinks those earrings are quite pretty.  :)



Kaylee and Rania


And with the necklace she gave Rania.



Okay.  These next few are highly unattractive of yours truly, but I'm putting them up anyway because they tell a story whether I like it or not.


See, Lon won't quit shooting pictures when he gets his hands on the camera.


So we talk, and frown


and pose nicely, and still he goes, so we move to

Goofy and weird.  lol  Thanks, Lon.  *cough*


Cousins sitting on the fireplace opening gifts


And looking at their stuff


Rania, Cathy and Lon


Kaylee & Morgan

Kaylee opens a Scooby Doo



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)