Christmas with the Cherrys I

Franklin, TN 12/27/07 - 1/1/08

Of course it's Girl Power Nail Painting Time!


Yes, they are looking quite good...


Three Amigas.  Kaylee, Morgan & Rania. :)


There they are-three lovely ladies with their manicures complete.



A touch of Red lipstick to complete the makeover. :)



Tanner gets in on the action--only with no lipstick or nail polish, naturally!



Grandpa Stants got all the grandkids these cool little Santa mugs.


I think they're a hit.  :)


I know that names were written on the bottoms of each and everybody had hot chocolate more than once out of them.


Tanner & Rania



Cheese!  :)



And Hi-Fives too.


Grandma relaxes and watches the activities


Kaylee attacks Steve to wrestle


And shows off her new mug.



Grandpa with Alonna & Morgan


Alonna's writing her name on hers.


Aunt Cathy with the photo album that her Mom & Dad did for her.


And Steve with his.



Their mom did a book for each of them that had their childhood photos from birth on up, making copies so they'd each have one where they were both in the photo, etc.



Kaylee said "Awww, isn't that sweet!" and rubbed her Daddy's head.  :)


And spent some time looking at all the photos with him.


Seriously, isn't that cute/sweet??


Cathy looking at hers with her dad and two oldest daughters.



Group look.  Alonna, Rania, Cathy, Ann, Richard and Morgan.  :)



Stories were told.  :)


Kaylee was helping turn the pages. :)



A family portrait.  :)


Cathy on the front porch watching the girls ride.


Kaylee in Aunt Cathy's coat and her cousins' boots and hat to go out and check out the horses.


Alonna & Morgan riding bareback.


Alonna & Morgan bareback


Richard & Ann walking down the lane with Alonna & Morgan riding.


Everybody outside enjoying the day.


Talking to the horse


Grandpa & Grandma with the horses and Alonna & Morgan.


Grandpa & Sir Henry


I think they like each other.


Kaylee feeding Sir Henry



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)