Christmas with the Cherrys II

Franklin, TN 12/27/07 - 1/1/08

Rania and Kaylee offering a carrot to Bean.


Ugh, Kaylee knows better than to stick her fingers like that!


Fortunately for her, Bean is a sweet horse who just wanted the carrot this time.  :)


Just watching...


And smiling for Mommy.



Richard & Ann with...Sir Henry?


Tanner wanted a picture of Bean's teeth, so there ya go.  ;)


Uncle Steve with Alonna


Morgan-also bareback.


Can't help it, I think she's cute. ;)



The driveway entrance to the house



The pasture in front of the house


Richard & Ann walking down the driveway.


Grandpa, Alonna & Morgan


Part of the pretty house with the beautiful blue sky...


Kaylee plays on the trampoline for awhile with her cousins.


They'd bounce her real high


Rania too


She'd get thrown up fairly high because she was the smallest on the trampoline.


Whew.  *puff* *puff*  Okay, back to jumping.


These things are kind of dangerous, but they sure are fun.  :)


Go Tanner!


Go Kaylee!


Go Rania!




And Leapfrog.  :)



Back to the horses!  Grandma & Grandpa still with Alonna and Morgan.


A bit closer...


Grandma & Morgan


This is a pretty sun room surrounded on 3 sides by windows.  It's a nice hang-out place, as Steve is doing with his parents.  :)



Don't ask me why I'm posting this.  It's a picture taken through a wreath hanging on the front door.


There's a giant fireplace in this room, and Kaylee and Tanner are hanging out in it for awhile.  :)



You can get a little more size on this one. The brick covers the whole wall, pretty much. It's very pretty.



Cathy with her mom & dad.


Cathy, another photography fan in the family.  :)

Kaylee & Morgan laughing...


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)