Christmas with the Cherrys VI

Franklin, TN 12/27/07 - 1/1/08

Yes, I am aware there are too many horse photos.  You're not required to look at them all if you don't wish.  ;)

Kaylee & Bean



Kaylee climbing over to ride Bean.



Who first needs brushed!


This photo should be called "Bums" ;)



Kaylee & Bean



Alonna getting ready to mount up.


Aunt Cathy fixing Kaylee's riding helmet.


A few of Helmeted Kaylee



Yes, I'm done for now.



Mount up!


Getting situated...


Some instructions on how to hold on to the reins.



A laugh or two...



And away we go!


Morgan walked with Bean and Kaylee for a Long time!


Kaylee and Morgan were riding near Alonna too.


There's a riding ring staked out that they stayed in.


Kaylee & Bean


Just liked the smile.



Riding along under her own control.




You can see her concentrating on a turn, now.  :)


Man, I got it fuzzy.  Miss Alonna riding



The getting-chilly-crew watching.  :)



Kaylee goes by Grandpa & Grandma


Riding off into the sunset?  :)




Kaylee loved trotting, and she had some brave and in-shape relatives to jog alongside that horse for several laps!


You can see she's 1) Laughing and 2) Losing her vision to the helmet.  ;)



Aunt Cathy and Kaylee


Oh yes, she thinks that is great fun.  She wanted to gallop next.  ;)


Pretty backdrop


Well, the horse and two people are probably tired.  ;)


Kaylee hugs Bean and thanks him for the ride, as everyone is done for the day.

And then happily points out a pile of poo on the ground.

Ornery?  Yes.  :)


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)