Christmas with the Cherrys VII

Franklin, TN 12/27/07 - 1/1/08


It's time for hot chocolate after all that!


And a Scooby Doo video with Rania.  I wonder who is tired??  He he



What do you know, it's the next day, and it's another round of horses!  :)  Kaylee is riding Sir Henry bareback.


She looks kinda little up there, doesn't she?


Kaylee, Morgan and Sir Henry


She claimed he was very bumpy and gave her a wedgie, but she certainly wasn't complaining.


Rania on Bean


You know how I got Kaylee to smile when I wanted to take her picture if she saw the camera and would quit smiling?  I'd talk about poo.



Look at that big tuft of mane she has in her hands.  Hope that doesn't hurt.



Trying out a little walking around...



That works...


Happy Smile.







Sweet and pleased.



Rania & Bean



Kaylee & Morgan


Done on Sir Henry, and I'd say she enjoyed it.  :)


Thank you Sir Henry...


She wanted to hug him but he was kind of big!


So they settled for talking and a few nose to nose moments.  :)


Now poor, sick Alonna got to take Kaylee around on Bean.


This will be the last ride for the year.  And yes, I said the word "Poop" to get her to laugh this time.  ;)



Now they're trotting again, her favorite thing. "Faster!"


She has hold of those reins just like she's supposed to.  :)


There goes Tanner bareback on Sir Henry too!


Do you think Alonna is getting exhausted yet?






Happy you...

Tanner & Morgan



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)