Oshkosh Page Seven

July 25, 2008 - August 3, 2008


Usually when you see smoke at an air show, you wouldn't think it's a good thing.


Kaylee up on Daddy's shoulders.



The photos don't do the view justice...


There's a fireball over there-hard to see.


Missing Man Formation from the next day.


The Skydivers with the American Flag signal the start of the official air show.




Warbirds went first today, then the aerobatic guys/gals.


Kaylee's impressed.  And that's a left-over temporary tattoo of a hot air balloon on her cheek by the way.


Kaylee & Daddy enjoying the show.


Here come the bombers to "drop" the Wall of Fire.


Kaylee & Jamie got these Air Guns to play with.  They shoot air in a "ball" up to 20'.  Pretty cool.


You can knock stuff over without hurting anybody.


The sun sets on our last night at Oshkosh.


The next morning it's time to pack up and get out.  Nathan's stuff is all put away, the bus is ready to go.  Greg and Steve and I working on our trailers.


Here's our home away from home this year.


Our bedroom and a bit of the kitchen.


The kitchen and the door is the bathroom.  Behind the gray curtain is Kaylee's set of bunk beds.


Right here.  One to sleep on, one to play on.



Putting down our awning.



Hanging out in the storage area.  :)



Right there...



Sorry, but she's a cutie.  :)


The End.  ;)

(See ya next year!)


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)