Oshkosh Page One

July 25, 2008 - August 3, 2008


We started our journey at Glenndale, at dawn.



Yes, I was actually up, awake, packing, and moving before the sun came up.


Kaylee hopped in the back of the truck and was ready to get going with her giant doll friend.


I know, but I had to take a photo of the sun coming up since I see it so rarely.  ;)


And here we are, loaded up with golf carts and a truck bed full of stuff for the 10-day stay.


Kaylee and Katie are watching DVDs in the back of the truck.


Gotta love technology!  To travel almost 7 hours in complete style, comfort, and...quiet.  ;)



Our First Meal at Kodiak Jack's.  Crab legs, already split, seasoned, and with warm drawn butter.  Oh dear, I'm hungry again...


The first morning we were there, Kaylee spread out her make-up and did a full face and fingernail work-up.



Maggie & Kaylee playing in the trailer in Kaylee's bottom bunk aka the "Playhouse".


Bubble time!  Kaylee & Maggie go to town on various bubble-making tools.


Bubbles are always good for an hour's worth of fun...or as long as they last.
















Two colorful girls with their bubble tools.





Maggie & Kaylee in the tent Steve put up to give them a place to play.


The sun was setting, and Kaylee was looking up "The Hill", getting ready to climb it for the first time this year, and check things out.


There she goes.  That sign off to the right says "Warning, no sliding down the hill"-the cardboard behind Kaylee is where people were sliding down the hill anyway.


Judy with a birthday cake for Chuck



His 17th anniversary of his 50th birthday!  :)



The kids have birthday cake and stop playing briefly.



A row of T-6s.  Nathan's is in the foreground here with the panels off.


Greg starts our first fire for the Oshkosh season.


Chuck and Nathan playing with the Star Finder.


Ah, Welcome to Oshkosh!  This is our first journey into the grounds for the year.


Kaylee's getting a drink waiting for Steve to get her wristband.  They had these water stations at a couple of the gates-good idea.


Kaylee & Jamie hanging out under the Mustang.





Jamie's on one wheel, Kaylee on the other.


Kaylee decided her new job was to make sure people didn't touch.  :)


Ah, cool helicopter.


There we go, hands on the controls, girl!


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)