Oshkosh Page Three

July 25, 2008 - August 3, 2008

Nathan exiting the aircraft.



Steve & Kaylee at "Fightertown".



The end of a long but good day, exiting AirVenture 2008



This is the guy shopping center.


And these are guys shopping.  ;)


Kaylee looks mighty fine on that thar tractor.



Kaylee & Maggie play at Paul's Park for hours.


A little dirt, a little sand, a lot of sun, with lots of airplanes flying over head and lots of kids to play with.  (Just not in this picture). ;)


Jamie, Maggie & Kaylee on their way to a craft tent with Judy.


Every year there is a skywriter at Oshkosh. He writes ads, spells out all sorts of stuff.



And every year, this smiley face.  Too bad you can't see the banner on the tower too-it says "World's Busiest Control Tower".



Kaylee, Maggie and Judy studiously working on their crafts while waiting for us to come join them.



Hard-working ladies.  :)


Yeah, that's what it says all right.



Kaylee in a kids' area much too small for her but she liked it anyway.


Posing with her new shades.



Ah, a jet.  She's always been partial to jets.



Lookin' Cool.





Okay, that's enough...


Just the tower and flags and blue sky and pretty clouds.  :)


Kaylee & Jamie bodies under the Mustang.


They were back there having a chat away from the grown-ups.


Then a quick peek under for a photo.


Just the view of all the Mustangs in Fightertown while we rest under the wing of Nathan's.


I don't know this kid at all, but he was alone out there as far as I could tell, and he was seriously interested in the Rausch Mustang.



He looks like a mini-photographer for sure.



More chatting and resting.


Steve & I under the Mustang wing for shade.


Jamie & Nathan watching the air show.



Kaylee by the Mustang posing it for the camera.  :)


What can we say...


Kaylee with the indoor bear at Kodiak Jack's.


And the Outdoor bear at Kodiak Jack's.



Kaylee & Jamie both.  :)



Friends.  Maggie, Jamie, Kaylee, Billy, all piling up on Ashley.


One of our camp fires...

Maggie & Kaylee on the bus on the way to KidVenture, the EAA Museum.  An annual photo.  :)

Maggie & Kaylee in the wooden airplane prop.


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)