Oshkosh Page Five

July 25, 2008 - August 3, 2008


Look at the concentration and effort on her face as she watches the digital display go up while she pedals as hard as she can.


This is a cool hang gliding simulator.


See the white glider on the screen?  You follow him all around and then come in for a landing on a target.



There are three screens surrounding you.  Your goal is to hit the target.


The straps and bar are very realistic.  It's a neat thing.



Next the girls went up to the "tower" at KidVenture, where with binoculars they could check out the stuff going on over at the kid area, the helicopters, etc.


Great view, neat idea.



And this is Pioneer Airport with the hangars, the grass strip, the planes, the copters, the people, etc.



The home of the Good Year Blimp, too.  :)


Back downstairs in the museum, this thing shoots a jet of air up, keeping a ball up in the air, suspended by just air.  You can move the ball around pretty far before it...


goes flying off into space.  :)


This is Diana R., who stopped at Glenndale among many other grass strips around the country.  She is giving a forum "talk" at Oshkosh over her experiences.  :)


She had a tent full of people, and got to tell them all about the little grass strips all over the country.



This is the little place we stopped at where the waitresses come to your car in roller skates and the milk shakes are real.


Ah, we're here at the Seaplane base.  We didn't know what to expect, but a nature hike wasn't it.  It was lovely, however.



There was a whole group of people staying in tents in the woods on the way to the lake.



Here's the seaplane base from the ground-lots of float planes to look at.


Nathan taking Jamie's photo by a little float plane.




Kaylee liked this little yellow one.



Jamie & Kaylee







A float Cub taxiing out to take off.


It was like being on a little island in the middle of nowhere.  Peaceful, calm, beautiful.


Kaylee annoyed.  ;)


Silhouettes of Kaylee & Jamie at sunset by the lake.



Watching the cub take off...






Jamie playing by the water.



That mist by the yellow cub over there?  They do a bug "fog" spray, and it looks almost eerie.


Steve & Nathan relaxing and talking.






Cub coming back in for a landing over the trees and into the water.


Headed home...



This is the bug spray fog in the woods.  It made a perfect layer and just stopped.  I held my breath while walking through it.  Silly me.  ;)


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)