Oshkosh Page Two

July 25, 2008 - August 3, 2008



Kaylee & Jamie in the helicopter.


Steve and Kaylee at the eating place by the Warbirds area-you can see the warbird tower in the background.



Nathan and Steve over by his T-6.


Kaylee poses at the tail of the T-6.


And under the wing in the shade...


Nathan's talking to a group of interested strangers about the T-6 and Midwest Texans, the restorers.


Standing in line for a Tri-Motor ride!


She's getting hot and freckly.  :)


Kaylee and Jamie rest under the shade of a Kodiak on floats.


It's a new hat to keep the sun off of her face...


Seems appropriate.  :)


Kaylee & Mommy watching the air show.


Kaylee & Jamie watch the air show too.





Climbing around on these stands while everything from an aerobatic plane to the Harrier go by.


Hi guys!



This is the tent area in which we waited for our Tri-Motor ride.


And here she is, the big old classic Ford Tri-Motor.



As you may guess from the name, it has three motors.  ;)


Nathan getting ready to board the plane.


Kaylee boarding.



Steve & Nathan up front by the pilots.


Kaylee in the tail by me



Jamie in the tail behind me.



Taxiing past Oshkosh flight line.



This was a behemoth to see in person.



Taxiing out to the runway for takeoff.


Kaylee's ready to go!


Flying over the lake and over Oshkosh in the Tri-Motor


Checking out the view


The view to the front of the airplane



This is the seaplane base as seen from the air.


The sun hitting the inlet just right.


A little closer view of the seaplane base.


Coming in on approach to land back at OSH.



Look at all the planes off to the left....


Runway in sight, cleared to land.

Steve exiting the Tri-Motor...


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)