Oshkosh Page Six

July 25, 2008 - August 3, 2008

As we left the seaplane base, we came back to our campsite to find the ultralights and powered parachutes out playing in the sunset.


And the Good Year Blimp, too.


Kaylee and Maggie relaxing from the heat the next day, hanging out and talking.


There's the blimp.


Usually I edit my photos and crop them in, adjust color and contrast, etc.  I didn't do that with my flying ones this year.  I'm not in the mood.


So they are SOOC or Straight Out Of Camera shots.  Take 'em or leave 'em, they are not my best photos by far of flying stuff.  :)







Kaylee & Jamie climbing the big hill to watch the warbirds air show.



Trying to see the Wall of Fire, but not successful.


Jamie watched his dad fly the Mustang, too.



The "Horsemen".



Walking back to our camp sight, playing in a dry drainage ditch along the way.




Back up the hill for one more try at watching things explode.


Missing Man Formation...



Kaylee tries to fly her kite that she made at KidVenture.


It's small and it's paper, tied with sewing thread, so she's never highly successful.



This is our campsite road and some of our neighbors.  :)


Ah, back to the flight line.


The Three Amigos.  Well, three of the Amigos anyway.  ;)


Chuck resting under the wing, in shade for a bit.


Jamie, Chuck & Steve.



Steve & Laura at AirVenture.



Steve, Nathan and Chuck at AirVenture.


Nathan's favorite home-built airplane of all time.



"My" F-22 Raptor, head on.  The only airplane on display at Oshkosh that had a man with a machine gun off to the side.


It's the Bomber Calendar Girls.  I mean, a Bomber airplane.


Steve, Chuck and Nathan at the Ultralight Field, watching little weed eaters fly around on little two-cycle engines.  :O


Chuck driving me, Jamie and Kaylee (with her new "sunbrella") back to watch the air show and the Wall Of Fire from up close and personal.


Steve and Kaylee lying on the ground under the DC-10.



The Glenndale Crew.  We didn't plan this, by the way.  lol  Watching the air show from the shade.




Daddy & Kaylee

I watched a lot of the show from under the refueling boom of the DC-10.  Nice View.

Formation of probably T-6s.


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)