Oshkosh Page Four

July 25, 2008 - August 3, 2008




A photographer/videographer saw us taking these photos and asked us to do it again so he could get it on film.



So we did.  ;)


Another helicopter.  :)




I don't know, I think she looks kind of good in there.



Maggie working on a biplane picture for a drawing contest.



Kaylee working on drawing the Baron.


Very hard at work.




They were the first two to complete their drawings.



More cockpit shots.  She likes jets!





This is one that you can actually move with stick and rudder.



Up, down, left and right.


Mini Mustang...


Girl in Charge


Maggie & Kaylee



Maggie in charge now.





Lovely Ladies...


Kaylee was pouting about something so I took her photo to get her to stop.  ;)


Going into the DC-3.



Boy this is a big old thing.



Yeah, I think she looks pretty good up there, too...


Kaylee & Maggie back in the tail.



Kaylee's head sticking out of the window.


Maggie works on coloring her kite.


As does Kaylee.



They're in the front of the photo.


Kaylee's was a flag, Maggie's a butterfly.




Now we must pose by the KidVenture sign at Pioneer Airport with blimp and the hangars and the grass runway all in the background.  :)






Fighter Kaylee.


Fighter Judy.  ;)

Fighter Laura.  ;)


This is a machine that you pedal as fast as you can, turning a large fan, and it tells you how much energy you are creating in a digital readout over the fan.  Kaylee propped herself up like this, and she got it up to 10.5-in flipflops-which was faster than some older boys who could reach the pedals did.


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)