Oshkosh VII

Sloshkosh, WaterVenture aka Oshkosh, WI
July 23 - Aug. 1st, 2010

Chuck & Judy Rider's Photos

Chuck & Judy took a picture of their pilots for the morning. ;)



Chuck in back of the Saratoga



View from the Toga


Chicago skyline...


Sears Tower...


Me climbing up front to ask if we are there yet. ;)


Judy enjoying the ride back to Kokomo


Finalizing times


Beautiful shot from the back of the Mustang


Judy in the back of the T-6, my bobble head.


Chuck in the Mustang


Mustang coming up on the T-6


Judy & Laura in the T-6


Coming up on the T-6


Joining up


Judy's photos of the Mustang, Chuck in back.




Chuck and Judy waving at each other. :)


Mustang coming in to land at OSH


Oshkosh from the air


More of Oshkosh


Mustang at Oshkosh Runway 36L.  Hello!


T-6 coming in as well...


T-6 touchdown at OSH


Laura & Judy in front of the T-6



The Ladies Arrive


Okay, this contraption went by our campsite several times.  If you'd like a tutorial on how to transport a lot of people in a contained space, blow these next two up. :)


I wonder how they transported this thing...

Photos by Jon Tharp





Camp set-up


"Our" tree


Our campsite on the left


My favorite aerobatic team. :)


Da Mustang


Warbird Lane for awhile when the grass was wet.








(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)