Oshkosh V

Sloshkosh, WaterVenture aka Oshkosh, WI
July 23 - Aug. 1st, 2010

Jack Rousch a day or so before his Premiere accident.


Judy & Me coming in to land at Oshkosh in the T-6


Follow the yellow Checkertail in to parking out in the boonies.


Taxiing back to parking. With guards. ;)


Nathan & Chuck arriving at Oshkosh in the Mustang.


Front and center!


Welcome back to OSH.  :)


Dirt & Easy



The Mustang gets tugged into a better position.


Walking over to join the group waiting for them...


Zak helping tug the Mustang


Chuck, Nathan, and Jim Z.


Catching up...


Here come the ladies...


Me & Judy walking from the T-6 over to the Mustangs...


We made it...


Chuck gets a birthday hug-or a "Boy it was something to see you that up close and personal in the air" hug.  :)




Chuck doing the Pilot Hand-Talking Thing.  "We were coming up on you right here and..."



Judy & Chuck Rider, arriving at Oshkosh in style.



Now I'M doing the hand-flying-talking-thing. It looks like "DOWN".  ;)



Getting out of the flight suit...


Mass arrival of DC-3s.  Now THAT'S a sight/sound.



So many DC-3s, so little room.




This...thing...has been at OSH for longer than I have.  Usually there is a very large Viking-looking woman strapped in on top.


What can I say, I like the formations?


They looked really good this year.


Steve & Jon


Karen and Steve


AE and George


Nathan & I getting refills of...fruit juice stuff.


Zak putting away the Mustang



My favorite aerobatic group-the Aeroshell Team.  They make it look so easy...


T-6s all in a row...


Well, that's attractive...and ladylike.  ;) (That's me taking my photo of the folks watching the air show in front of our trailers).


Something wicked this way came...


And Darkness fell upon the face of the deep (points for whoever knows that reference)


And that's what it did to poor Dave's "EZ-up" canopy.


The big version of this shows AE in the reflection of the winglet...


Hey! A flying suppository!


Gorgeous plane...glad I don't have to polish it.


Jon taking care of the Mustang--with Supervision back there. :)


Jim Zazas talking about the Mustang.


Steve T. and AE


Chuck, Jon & Steve C.


Chuck, Jon & Steve





(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)