Oshkosh 2010

Sloshkosh, WaterVenture aka Oshkosh, WI
July 23 - Aug. 1st, 2010

Water, water everywhere.


Campers lined up on the sides of the roads waiting for a dry spot


Muddy roads, empty fields...


It's looking a little grim the first day here!


This was a common sight-a huge John Deere pulling out huge trailers who decide to go ahead and give the place a try anyway.  This guy?  He stopped before he turned.  DOA.


Zak and Dave watching from our campsite as the bogged-down camper gets towed out.


Dave & Laura's Tent-under-the-tree



Setting up camp and setting up a meal...



We've got a pretty nice camp spot for our group.


Kaylee & Jamie playing their DSs.


The trailer in the background was our home for the week. Zak & Steve T. were in the tent in front of us.


Steve & Zak whipping up the meal of the day


Jamie & Kaylee at the camp site


Our trailers go all the way down the right side of the photo. AE, Sam & Ann, Chuck & Judy, etc.


Putting up the EZ-up. Nathan's trailer on left, ours straight back by the tree.



It's a lot easier with a lot of help.  Me, I just watch and take photos, but everyone else helps. ;)


Home sweet home




Karen, Steve & Nathan


Dinner Time!


Steve on the grill, the gang behind him.


Lots of folks, lots of good food



George, Karen & Steve


Kaylee & Chuck



Judy and Ann brought in surprise birthday cakes for Chuck and Nathan.



Nathan blowing out his candles...


Chuck getting ready to make his wish



And Chuck dumps his second cake on himself...and manages to snag it fast enough to make a minimal mess.



But it was still funny.  ;)


Finger-lickin' good






Steve (one of five Steve's we had at the campsite this week!)






George & Karen


Our Party lights are up on the main white tent...


Folks enjoying some cake and ice cream cups.


AE & Dave communing


Chuck, AE, Dave, Steve, Nathan, Zak


Chuck & Dave having iPhone app comparisons.


While Kaylee & Jamie play their Nintendo DSs right next to each other on the golf cart.


Silly Chuck



Sunset at the campground...





The moon rose huge and orange each night...


Kaylee & Jamie on the golf cart, on our way to the flight line.


Heading in...



Welcome to Warbirds!  The lake, the birds, and waaay back there, a plane or two on more solid ground.


Kaylee on an exercise machine thingy


Her face + that sign = ;)

Walking through the big vendor hangars...

Nathan, Kaylee & Jamie, with Oshkosh tower in the background.




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)