Oshkosh VI

Sloshkosh, WaterVenture aka Oshkosh, WI
July 23 - Aug. 1st, 2010

Steve Tummer's Photos

Airplanes Airplanes Everywhere


An A-4 Skyhawk


The F-4 Phantom showing off.


Okay, nice...


Uh oh, a girl pilot, watch out...


Kristin Hubbard, Ladies and Gentlemen.




Waiting to get to our table...


Nathan, Jamie, Zak, me, Steve, Kaylee


Jon, Steve, George


We're relaxing and waiting to eat...


While Kaylee bunny ears Zak and Jamie bunny ears his Dad.


Every year Wendt's puts up a huge tent during AirVenter to fit the hoards of pilots who come to eat their tasty perch.


Kaylee is perhaps looking for her own dinner. ;)


Getting ready to eat...


Steve, Zak, Karen, Jon, Laura


Birds all in a row...


Looking up close at the Goodyear Blimp


Folks looking into the Mustang


A "fruity" Spitfire


Jon showing the Mustang to the C-5 pilots


Jon on the Mustang, while people line up to look


Nathan, Mark Watt, Jim Z.


Jon, Nathan, nice shirt, Mark!


Nathan and Mark and...


Just your local friendly fighter pilot fellows...


Nathan getting suited up and ready to fly Fighter Lead in the show.


Heading out...


The Osprey...


Three C-47s dropping jumpers to start the show.


Nathan leading the fighters out to the runway


Lots going on all at once...


Fighter 1 and 2


Lined up and ready to go.


Debrief after the show...


Very nice...


The F-15 pilots joining us for dinner and tall tales.


And a fire, of course


This couple is getting their photo taken in front of Checkertail because at Oshkosh last year, that is exactly where he proposed to his now wife.  :)


Massachusetts Eagle pilots back on duty by their planes, answering questions by us unwashed masses.


Another air show day-skydivers coming down, pretty good-sized crowds today.


Nathan is Fighter Lead today as well.


Taking the runway...



Meanwhile things are still going on above.


Mustang flying through the smoke


Pyrotechnics are fun.  On the ground and in the air.


Nathan leading the Missing Man formation at Oshkosh


Which is pretty cool, might I add.


Mustangs in formation...


Taxiing in after the show...

Done for this year...



Annnnd, Break.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)