Oshkosh IV

Sloshkosh, WaterVenture aka Oshkosh, WI
July 23 - Aug. 1st, 2010

Our tree in the middle of the road, defining our campsite.



Some of our trailers with the tree in the road.



Oshkosh bus station, where they will run you to anywhere you want to go, from the Seaplane Base to the Museum to Camping to...


Steve & Jamie on the bus to Kidventure



Kaylee & Laura on the bus



All the Kids at KidVenture! :)





Kaylee & Jamie watching people launch things with giant rubber bands.



They're getting too big for the Pioneer Airport Biplane almost!


Kaylee colored this shirt herself.  :)



Jamie & Kaylee...



Walking through the C-5 Galaxy, coming out the other side, and seeing plenty of people in Aeroshell Square


Steve and the kids in front of me...



You can't tell this is an airplane at night with pyrotechnics and fireworks, but it is, and it was awesome.



The night aerobatic show was one of the coolest things I've seen in awhile.


Kodiak Jack's!  Kaylee and the bear-she gets taller every year, of course.  :)


Kaylee & Jamie with the bear...


Jamie & Nathan



Me & Kaylee


Back at the beginning of the week--Chuck in the back of the Saratoga



Jerry L. flying us home to OKK to pick up the warbirds.


Nathan is right seat...


Departing Fond du Lac, which is also packed out with OSH people.


Lots of planes, lots of campers, folks waiting to get into Oshkosh


Judy snapping photos.


Fond du Lac airport-the white lines at the edges of the dark runway & taxiway up there?  All airplanes, parked on the hard surface where they won't sink in.


Chicago skyline, coming up...





Heading home from Oshkosh, Kaylee helps me pull the prop through on the T-6


(Yes, switches are off!)



Kaylee took the next four photos...the back of my head as we're flying home...


Herself, hair all akimbo...

Kaylee flying the T-6, literally. (She's only using her left hand because her camera is in her right, btw)

And just a pretty view of clouds, the sun, and a little bit of hair blowing in the wind.  :)

Photos by Steve Tummers

Oh, so that's what it looks like when you drive through vs. fly over Chicago.  ;)


Judy, Mary & Zak, with Chuck & Judy's group's set-up.


You can see the sogginess of the grass this first day.  Here are Nathan's, our, and Tummers' living quarters.


More of our camp site from the middle of the road...

Me, Kaylee, Zak, AE and Steve


More of "our" trailers were across the street-including Ty & Mary.  Our food setup, getting ready for breakfast!


The newly mounted statue in Warbirds...


Laptop Nation!  Thank you AE for the Hot Spot or we'd have been in trouble...


(Mine is bigger...)  ;)


Steve & Zak


More laptoping for the afternoon


The full, orange, beautiful, big moon.


Evening fire and beverages being set up.  Laura & Dave, Zak & Steve

One of our nightly fires





(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)