Oshkosh III

Sloshkosh, WaterVenture aka Oshkosh, WI
July 23 - Aug. 1st, 2010


Coming out of the Jungle Skippers



Next!  DC-7


Steve takes the kids through this one



Here both kids claimed they'd never been on an airliner and they want to go fly on one and why do they always have to take their own planes anyway?  Hehe *snort*


Ah, lining up for the "Thunder Bird".



Jamie's inspecting his money to make sure it's real...


Going in for the tour.


These ladies were the "Bombshell Girls", who stayed outdoors by the plane all day long, dressed like this, in that heat, in those shoes, standing, taking photos with people. No thank you...


Kaylee exiting...



Here's the wide view of the plane


I don't know this kid on the rock wall at all, but the timing of the blimp made me take the shot.


Kaylee getting ready for her rock wall ascension.






And stuck right about here.  This time. She came back later and conquered another rock wall. With shoes on.  :)


Planes and towers and clouds, oh my!


Now we're LSA shopping.


While the kids rest



The Piper Sport salesman is giving it his best shot.


The kids watching the airshow that just kicked off again.


Look!  Skydivers!


After a long day, eating at Wendt's on the Wharf.  Jon, Steve, Jerry, George & Karen


Left to right: George, Karen, Jon, Zak, Steve T, Steve C, Jerry


Jamie, Nathan, AE, missing me, Steve, Kaylee


Jamie and Kaylee at the wharf, with Warbird Island in the background.



Kaylee insisted on taking a photo of tired hot me, too.


Well, this was a lucky shot.  Sunset on the wharf.


The full moon coming up for the night...



Me & Judy by the T-6 in our flight suits, reenacting how we arrived the other day.  :)



"Hey look!" Judy says, covering up the spot in my flightsuit where the zipper broke and my shirt was showing through.  ;)


The row of T-6s


Steve C and Jon cleaning up the T-6 for its judging


Judges all over the airplane...


Looking over everything


Golf carts full of judges!


Kaylee & Jamie playing back at the campsite



I tried to get a good photo of the blimp...


From lots of angles



It buzzed over the campsite for hours each day.


Steve C.


AE and Bob


Here we've got ultralights, powered parachutes, and a C-5 Galaxy flying around.  The blimp too, but I couldn't get them all in one photo.



One Big C-5


Armed and Dangerous. ;)



The Blimp and the C-5


C-5, powered chutes, ultralight


Sun going down...


The guy flying a bunch of balloons over Lake Michigan.  No thankee.


People were lighting these off in the campgrounds.  They stay lit forever!



A gorgeous sunset to end the day...



Seriously-I didn't adjust the coloring on these photos...





Steve T fixing grilled corn on the cob and huge, thick steaks. Yum


And we partake in yet another massive, delicious meal. :)




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)