Oshkosh 2009 VII

July 24, 2009 - August 2, 2009

Steve & Kaylee, Jamie & Zac watching the pyrotechnics.


Best seats in the house?  :)



Had to be done.  Rich always does such a great job with the pyrotechnics...


And the crowd reacts to the fireball...


with cheers and "awwws!"


and clapping.  :)






Next come the jumpers for the rest of the show...

After the show, watching this "Wing Walker" thing go by.


That seat doesn't look very comfy to me...


Kaylee watching the aerobatic part of the show from outside the fence.


I love these guys.


The roar of the T-6 engines, the precision


The smooth, graceful aerobatics.



They make it look so easy...


We end the day back on the hill for awhile...



It looks like a grassy plain out west somewhere...


Nathan successfully drives the golf cart down the hill.  ;)



Kaylee took the rest of these from the back seat of the T-6 as we were flying out of Oshkosh on Sunday.



Some of our T-6 neighbors.


On takeoff off of Runway 27, staying below 500' as I'm supposed to for once.  ;)


Annnnd, more photos of Kaylee back there.  lol


Um, no, we were not really upside down.


Though she's sure acting like it, isn't she.  :)


A random airport in Illinois...on our way home



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)