Oshkosh 2009 II

July 24, 2009 - August 2, 2009

The all-mighty hill with the wild grass growing and two kids unhappy about the sign.



Every once in awhile the TV would come on at the side of the bus, and the kids would sit and watch.



The bus set-up.


Our trailer this year.


There's a better shot of the tv watching. :)


This is "Elm St.", just a little further down from last year.


Elm St. going behind the hill.


Following are several campground shots taken from the top of this hill.  The red Jeep there is ours, that's our camp site.


This campsite all the way to the second blue pop up is Chuck and crew's site, right across the street from us this year.


Various campsites around, before the campground even really filled up.


A wider view of our area


And of Chuck's.


And off to the East


Further East






Closeup of ours.


Closer up of Chuck's trailer


After an ugly storm, Kaylee and Andrew who were trapped in the port-o-pots ran home and got soaked anyway.




Straggly wet Kaylee.  :)




Nathan, Jim, Zac, Steve and Kaylee on the dock by "Wentz's" Restaurant.


Pretty sunset over the lake.



This is "Warbird Island", which you report over when you fly the warbird arrival into Oshkosh.


Walking back on the poop-infested deck.  :)


That blue & white striped tent was where the outdoor part of the restaurant was.  They had excellent fish!


The kids got chilly on the water and shared Jim's jacket.





Chilling with her new rocket toy.


The new shirt that Judy gave her that changes color in the sun!


Three guys putting $8 worth of lights and $12 worth of batteries onto the golf cart so it would be legal to drive at night.


A bit of rain coming our way over our campsite.


Kaylee & Andrew peeking out from under their shelter.


Not a bad idea the kids had there.  Going inside might have been more guaranteed, but not nearly as much fun.


Kaylee, Jamie & Andrew.


This is a double rainbow-this photo is the only one you can really see that in.  It was beautiful, and I only had my cruddier camera with me at the time.



Somewhere over the Jeep...


Kaylee climbs the hill


Her head at the end of the rainbow.  :)


Oh how I wished for my good camera.  Four planes coming in, flying through the rainbow.



Visiting under our canopy

Steve & Nathan working on grilling up some burgers and dogs.




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)