Oshkosh 2009 III

July 24, 2009 - August 2, 2009


Judy brings in the birthday cakes for Nathan & Chuck.


Nathan, who is 59 again.



Chuck who is 65 again.



Some of the people sitting in the tent



The Oshkosh Birthday Boys.


Chuck with his new head of hair.


Ty wearing Chuck's new head of hair with a sunset in the background.



Some folks around the campfire.



Greg K., Nathan, Jim Z., Judy & Chuck, Kaylee, Zac, George and Karen, Jim, Steve & myself tonight.


Kaylee up on the T-6


The line for people wanting to get into the Mustang up at "Fighter Town".


Zac was kept hopping for days letting people in one at a time.


Steve helped for a little while one day while we were there.


This is "Warbird Ground" tower.


The kids enjoying sitting in the Six again.


Kodiak Jack's!  Obligatory Bear Photo.  :)


KidVenture time again.  The kids are secret agents here.


Kaylee's a little taller and older looking of a fighter pilot this year.  :)


I wonder how many more years I can get her to do this?  ;)



Going for it with gusto, generating energy with her feet, holding herself up by her arms to reach the pedals.





Up in the "air traffic" tower.



Looking out over the grounds and recognizing lots of things.


Everybody loves the ball floating on air exhibit.



Testing out the hang glider again.



This year she landed within just a few feet of her target with only one crash.  Getting pretty good at it.  :)


As the sign says-Kaylee holding a meteorite.



Now for the rest of KidVenture, outdoors.



Pioneer Airport is a neat grass strip right by the main drag at Oshkosh.  Amazing how a little grass gives you a nostalgic feel.


Kaylee's coloring her glider.



She picked the color scheme and it took her a long time to do it right.


I bet you're getting the picture.  :)


This is not a great photo of it because of the angle, but you get the idea.  :)


Next was a coloring contest, and this is what she decided to draw.


The "Cub" Link trainer that actually moves with rudder and aileron.  The guy helping the kids in it?  A former fighter pilot who flew the F-4 among other things.


Oshkosh is an amazing place that way.  :) 



Kaylee enjoyed her ride. :)



A little serious concentration on flying a flight simulator.


Jamie and Kaylee in the flight simulators.


It was a "Red Bull" airplane, and it did rolls very nicely, as Kaylee demonstrated.  :)


Outside at the remote controlled airplane field.  Kaylee was one person away from going when they shut it down for 20 minutes. :(


A local favorite of ours, with good old-fashioned root beer float style food, girls on roller skates, and best of all-it's on the approach end of Runway 27, so traffic flies over your head at about 300' non-stop. ;)


The Twin Beech doing its' routine for the air show, amid interesting skies.




Jamie on his boxed sled, waiting to go down the hill.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)