Oshkosh 2009 I

July 24, 2009 - August 2, 2009

A little side story here.  I asked Kaylee to take pictures from the back seat going into Oshkosh.  The flash was stuck "on" in the little camera, the canopy was closed, and the quality of the outdoor photos was grim because of it.  But I'd told her to take photos of Trey, of Oshkosh, and to take at least one of herself in the back seat.  She ended up with about 7 of Trey, three of Oshkosh, and about 30 of herself in the back seat.  I'm going to stick most of those up here because I think it's funny.  ;)  So other than the first photo, this page is all photos taken by Kaylee Stants.

All buckled in and ready to go


Flying over the Illinois country-side.


There are closer shots of Trey back there, but I'm not sure which ones may be used where, so I'll just stick up one representative one and leave the rest until later.


And this is what happens when my daughter has control of a camera on a long flight.  ;)































Probably close to the Chicago area.



Coming down after Fond du Lac on the Warbird Arrival.


On final for 36L at Oshkosh


I'm over the numbers on short final for my purple dot on 36L, you can see the "36 R" on the skinny runway to my right.


Touching down

Rolling out past some of the tents.

We've arrived at Oshkosh.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)