Oshkosh 2009 VI

July 24, 2009 - August 2, 2009

Nathan walking the plane out to the taxiway-follow the red hat.  :)


There she goes...


The Mustang out on the taxiway waiting for its turn to go.


My big 300mm lens let me zoom in on them up there.


Next to Duggy waiting to fly.  The gap in the crowd is only because of a mandatory cleared area-otherwise it was Packed Out with peoeple.


Zac & Nathan


The kids are getting a little restless, but the show will start soon.


This was a weird looking dude...


These guys got a front row seat to the air show, literally!


The warbirds start off today's show (so they could get to their party at the Eagle Hangar where Ms. Wagstaff got in trouble leaving last year).


Nathan on the wing waiting to get in...


Love that zoom lens.  :)


Waiting with Zac


Climbing in and getting ready...


Jim Z. up on the announcer's stand in a blue shirt and head set.  :)


Clapping and waving for the photo-taking helicopter.  :)


Belted in...helmeted up...


Fired up and ready to go.


Kaylee took these of the T-6 group flying by overhead.


There were nine today.


This was the kids watching Nathan as he was starting up.



Pyrotechnics going off


Time to go fly.


Mustang Lead on takeoff.


There's a lot of people out there.  ;)


Taxiing back in after the show


It's hard to see through all the people...


Yep-totally lost him.  :)


They'll stop him soon and tug him the rest of the way back to the square for the safety of the crowd.


Climbing out...


There's Steve in the foreground.


Catching a ride as he's being tugged in.


Being pushed back into place in the Square


Here come the friends and family.  :)


Jamie gives a "woo hoo".  :)


I get a wave too.  ;)


I have to do it-pyrotechnics photos.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)