Oshkosh 2009 IV

July 24, 2009 - August 2, 2009

Hey, they are not sliding, they are just standing and sitting.  With cardboard.  That's all.



Kaylee & Jamie on the hill.


"Hmmm, if I launch this, surely I'll be able to find it in the tall grass!"  (Wrong.)



The moon is up, the sun is going down, and they are still not sliding. 



The grass is all matted down there now because of someone else's kids.


It doesn't say "No bicycle riding down hill".


Ultralights buzzing around in the background, lots of kids getting exercise and being entertained.


Dave, Steve, Jim, Steve and Steve. Huh.


Getting ready for some "grub".  :)


Kaylee & Jamie try on the "Liberty" for size.


Kaylee's watching Jamie...


Women drivers-can't keep her hands on her own side but has to do it for the poor guy.  ;)


I only got cruddy pictures of this thing, but it was huge.  Massive.  Unbelievably big.  Eyebrow-lifting Large.  And made quite a landing into OSH in front of the world.  ;)


Walking through the light sport area to see what's new.


Chuck in the Sky Arrow...


Kaylee checks out her goodies.



What do kids do with airplane pens?



Besides draw all over themselves with them?


Play fighter pilots, of course!


By the wing of the Falcon LS, which is a nice airplane.


A long day later, we're leaving the fly market and flight line.


The kids did great!



Walking down the path to the sea plane base.


Here we are, at the scenic sea plane base.


She always spots me.  :)



Playing in the water



I don't know the guy on the bench, I just liked his silhouette with the seaplane in the background.  :)


They're so shy for the camera.  ;)


Sunshine, a yellow plane landing in the background...


I used a flash but I still needed her a little lighter.


Kaylee's poses choices.  :)



Back at Ardy & Ed's for a milk shake and some airplane watching.  :)


I can't help it.  I get a kick out of it.



Playing with some buddies.


Hey now, no hugging!  :)




Nice look of determination like "I won't fall down this slippery thing."







The kids BACK in the T-6.  :)

In front of the Mustang-I goofed up the setting on my camera, but oh well.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)