Mustangs & Legends Gathering-V

Rickenbacker, Ohio; 9/26/07 - 9/30/07

Nathan on the Mustang





John in the cockpit.






John signing autographs.



We give the three a stack of our own to sign now.



Nathan, Jim and Barrie



Art Fiedler, Nathan Davis, Barrie Davis, John Gaston


Laura holding Art Fiedler's camera and getting 5 Mustang programs signed by all three gentlemen-photo is with John Gaston.



The Checkertail Clan.


The pilots and crew of the P-51 Mustang.
Pilots: Art Fiedler, Nathan Davis, Barrie Davis, John Gaston.
Crew: Laura, Steve & Kaylee Stants, Chuck Rider, Charlie Brier.


The Crew, the Pilots and the Plane


I have No Idea what we're doing!  lol


Again, the crowd ebbs and flows but is always there.


Charlie and Dawn talk to Art.


Kaylee gets hot and sprinkles water all over herself.


Well, it cools her off, so why not.  ;)  I just noticed a policeman running in the background.  I wonder why...


Another ground fog caused by smoke oil from an aerobatic act.


The jumbotron in the background was really a neat addition to the show.  All shows should do that.  We're all out waiting for the 51 formation to come over.


And there it is!  I could capture it today.  Boy they sound good going over.  I wish they'd have done the 51-ship formation, not just in the number 51, but...that's another story.


Just a people standing on the grandstands shot.


Departing Rickenbacker Sunday late afternoon.


Next two photos taken by Jonathan Derden; the Mustang ramp from the Grandstands.


The Mustang on take-off out of Rickenbacker.  You can see me snapping photos as we go.  :)


Here we are coming back into Kokomo.  The B-17 is on the ramp up there in the big version.

Touchdown at Kokomo

Last photo of the day, landed at Kokomo, getting ready to put away and wipe down the handprints.  It was a wonderful day.


Chuck's Photos!

Nathan on top of the wing.


Steve, Laura & Kaylee


Nathan, Barrie and his son.


Steve, Chuck and Art Fiedler


Kaylee and Steve in the Legends Tent


Nathan in the tent.



Nathan chatting with his friend Jim.


The Tuskegee Airman.



Nathan with the Airman.


Art Fiedler telling a story.


As you can see!


"Precious Metal", the racing Mustang.  Check out that engine/prop!


John Gaston.


Nathan with John Gaston.


Steve holding court on the wing.


Nathan talking with the gentlemen from the 325th.


John and Art


The three signing autographs in programs on the tail.


Up in the Mustang.




Legends Tent; far right standing is Frank Luckman, a WWII P-47 Pilot.


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)