Mustangs & Legends Gathering-IV

Rickenbacker, Ohio; 9/26/07 - 9/30/07

Legend Arthur Fiedler and John Gaston leaning on a Checkertail and reminiscing.



Nathan with Art and John.


John and Art start signing autographs off the tail of the Mustang.  I feel weird calling them "John" and "Art", but I can't type out their titles every time, so...I mean no disrespect.



What better place...




Art signs by his page.


What do you know-the third Veteran from the Checkertail Clan happened to stop by at the same time too!  Now we have Three out of Four WWII Pilots who flew in the 325th Fighter Group with Herky Green, one of whom even flew in the plane this was painted to portray, all here at the same time, signing autographs on the tail of the Mustang.


And here comes the crowd!




Barrie Davis


Art stops signing long enough to look at--you guessed it--a Mustang flying over.


Here they are.  Art Fiedler, Barrie Davis and John Gaston.


Nathan joins them.


Next we got them each into the cockpit.  They came alive in there, telling stories, sharing memories and jokes.






Barrie and Art.


Barry, John and Art


John and Art



There's a wall of cameras aimed at these guys.  :)



Time to swap seats.  He got in there better than I do.



There were a lot of smiles there.



Lots of smiles...


Even this guy had a pretty big smile going most of the afternoon.



You should've heard these guys talking...










Jim taking their photo.  He's a pro.  :)



I think they look pretty darned good up there.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)