Mustangs & Legends Gathering-II

Rickenbacker, Ohio; 9/26/07 - 9/30/07

Kaylee passes out in the car on the way home from the party.


Now THAT'S more like it!  The sun rises (and yes, I'm up for it) on a Beautiful Friday!


You might have to blow this one up to see it, and it's big.  This is the Line Of People waiting to get into the air show.  No. Kidding.


See the position of the car in reference to the line in the first and this photo?  This is MORE of the line of people waiting.  I have one more photo after this of the end of the line.  It's Un-Real.


I climbed up on the Mustang to take a couple of shots, but it's not high enough to get a good angle on it.


The crowd was lighter on Friday-only about 60,000 people I believe.


A row of Mustangs.


Let the air show begin!


I like these guys.


This is Air Boss.  The announcers and Air Boss were all in this little trailer at show center, which was next to the "Legends Tent".


This was the Legends Tent, outside of it where you could sit under little umbrellas and watch the air show from right off the runway, center stage.


I enjoyed the air show from under the nose of the Mustang for awhile.


Not a bad view at all, really.


This is the Aeroshell T-6 team.


I went back to the tent for the "Horsemen" routine.



I love the music they put with their routine, and they do a seamless, beautiful job of flying.


Two Mustangs in very tight formation.



Art Fiedler stops by for a few minutes; he's a WWII Fighter Ace and actually flew with the Checkertail Clan.



The sun sets on Friday, the crowds have been sent home, and the planes line up and wait for another day.







It's Saturday, and I decided to get better shots of the Horsemen with my telephoto lens.


From this angle it almost looks like it's a twin tail, twin engine plane.



The Horsemen fly towards the sun.




And this is a Heritage Flight, where they put a modern day fighter with the WWII fighter.  I love watching these.



They'll do these with the F-15, F-16, and F-22 combined with Mustangs.


It's a beautiful sight.


The crowds have picked up Saturday.


I have an open spot on the ramp in front of me, but if you had any angle on this, you'd see a sea of people.


Look what else blew by today?



A flying wing.  It's amazing how QUIET these things can be.



I wouldn't care to be a bad guy and see that aimed my way.


Just beautiful.


After the show was over, they put up a formation of P-51s in the shape of "51".  I had my telephoto lens on and couldn't get them all in the frame this time, but you get the general idea.  They sure did sound good going over.


Chuck the "Crew Chief" Rider under the Mustang wing.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)