Mustangs & Legends Gathering-III

Rickenbacker, Ohio; 9/26/07 - 9/30/07

Saturday, hiking from parking, Kaylee picked flowers to smell along the way.  And it's a good thing, because that was SOME hike. 


But aren't they beautiful?  :)


All the smoke drifting down from the routine made it almost IFR on the ramp a few times.



Swooping down low over the row of Mustangs.


Boy they are noisy-but I like that.  ;)


Kaylee's studying up so she can answer questions too.  Note her reading material and what's on the front of it?  :)


This is Nathan with his good friend Jim.  I made the classic dumb mistake of putting a tower growing out of his head.  I almost never do that.  *sigh*


Jim and the tower where it's SUPPOSED to be.


Nathan signed his autograph on people's programs for them under his airplane's page, Page 77 to be precise.



Charlie and Chuck hanging out under the wing.


Kaylee and Steve doing their thing under the prop.


And Kaylee's ready for business.


Nathan meets with a man who was a Tuskegee Airman.



How cool is That.



A blurry version of the Thunderbird flight suit when they are relaxing and eating lunch at the table next to you and you try to snap a picture without being a doofus.  And fail.


The F-22 Raptor was going by, and it's so loud you can feel it rumbling in your lungs.  Now I kind of like that, but some wiser folks used ear protection. ;)


Gotta like that.


Kaylee and Steve under the Mustang.


Art Fiedler starts signing autographs at the Checkertail.


And here come some people talk to him, or listen to him talk, or get his autograph.


Nathan and Art Fiedler


Nathan and Jim with Art.


The Stearman act.


Nathan with John Gaston, another WW II pilot who flew in the Checkertail Clan.



The Mustang and Rickenbacker's control tower.


The end of the day and Kaylee's SO tired walking her chair from the plane to the bus.



This picture is titled "Citizens Arrest!"  This wall of police cars, police vans, golf carts, ambulances, and all manner of vehicles with official officials on them came through hitting sirens and lights and herding people out the gates.


Of course WE ignored them.  This is some of the warbird crew.  Photographers, pilots, business folks, etc.


Sunday morning dawns with us there on time, and Chuck working on the Mustang.


Steve too.


A lady came up who had made a quilt of (I'm not sure how many of) the Mustangs.  The Checkertail Clan was represented, and she had gotten Mr. Fiedler's autograph on it.  How neat!


Steve "The Man" Stants was up on the wing polishing, when he decided to adopt a dashing pose.  He was promptly surrounded as in "Oh, he must be the cool guy that flies this" and asked lots of questions.  :)


The air show has officially begun for Sunday, and this is the first time I've been here when the flag was jumped.  How pretty!


I'm a sucker for the American Flag.


Three veterans stop to chat.  John Gaston, Barrie Davis, and I wish I could remember this gentleman's name.



Nathan answering questions about his plane, Mustangs in general, the war, etc.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)