Mustangs & Legends Gathering

Rickenbacker, Ohio; 9/26/07 - 9/30/07

I have a new camera and it lets me focus in closer than my Canon Rebel.  The green straps are the parachute, and the black straps are the seatbelt.


Now that I can, I took photos of myself in the back seat of the Mustang.  Of course you can't see much, but it works.


Nathan on take-off out of Kokomo.  It's 600' overcast and 10 miles.


Climbing up into the clouds.


A view you just don't see that often.  A Mustang in actual IFR.


For awhile we got in between layers and cruised.


Coming over the city of Columbus.


Rickenbacker Airport in Ohio-the Initial.


Back on Downwind for 23L


Base 23L


Final 23L


Securing the plane after we arrive.



Kaylee checking out the view from the 17th floor of our hotel room at the Hyatt Regency.



ME checking out the view Thursday morning, which included a horrid scuddy ceiling.  No flying today!


Kaylee with the crew badge I made for her.



While it was foggy, they ran a symposium, and I sat in on most of the morning sessions.


Kaylee loves the rotating door, and is obviously getting a big kick out of exiting again.  ;)



Friday dawns gray, rainy and cool, but we're here!



Ready to wipe down the plane and get stuff ready.


Kaylee wipes on the Mustang



She was proud to be part of the crew.



And did quite a nice job, too!


Steve set her in the cockpit, where she didn't want to get out for awhile for some reason.  I think she looks good in there.


Steve & Kaylee on the Mustang




Kaylee watches another plane go over, looking rather in charge!


Good thing Steve wiped off those fingerprints next!



Nathan and Steve keep wiping while Kaylee relaxes up there.



Kaylee hanging out.


Nathan with Barrie Davis


Nathan with Barrie and his son.


Jonathan Derden, me and Paul Derden.  An SMA family connection.  :)


Later that night we went to a party at a hangar at the airport.  It was very nicely done as far as decorations, entertainment and food.


Nathan and Charlie (how'd I miss Dawn?)




Me and Kaylee


Steve and an F-15 pilot (blue flightsuit with the F-15 on it in white).


Charlie Choking Steve


Kaylee's getting sleeeepy.


Kaylee and me dancing briefly


And then it was Daddy's turn to dance.  The light on the wall behind Steve is a HUGE slideshow they ran the whole night.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 6/4/11)