Oshkosh 2007-Page V

7/20/07 - 7/28/07

Today it rained.  And rained.  And rained.  I could get WiFi access outside my trailer, but not in it.  But it was raining.  So I sat on the step, used the door to block the sideways rain and the umbrella to block the down stuff.  And I got on just fine.  ;)


This is a moment of serious note.  This child doesn't take naps any more.  But we Wore Her Out!  While I was WiFi-ing, she was napping.  Woo-hoo!


Cutie pie.

They're always so cute when they're asleep, aren't they.



"whaaa?  Are you taking my photo AGAIN?"



Watching the airshow from her bed.


Rain always makes her hair wavy like that...


This is Ashley stopping to watch the big old cargo plane going by.



Kaylee and Ashley played together a lot



Happy Birthday to Chuck!  We're at Hudson's in Oshkosh celebrating.


The card was cute-it had King Kong on the front, and when you open the card, it has the sound of airplane engines inside.  :)



Kaylee staring at Dale's Strawberry shake so dreamily...



Here's the birthday group!



Maggie & Kaylee polishing off their Mac & Cheese


Chuck digs into his Birthday Sundae.  :)



On the way home I stopped by this fountain to take some pictures for someone who wants to paint it later.


It really is a pretty waterfall.



The water is artificially but still prettily blue.


After all the rain we got, the pretty dirt road became a mud bath.  This photo doesn't do it justice, but the mud on the road was several inches deep in places.  It was a mess!


People had to walk or drive through areas like this, with standing water and thick mud.


After the accident with the two P-51's, they cancelled the warbird show.  But they still had to detonate the pyrotechnics.  There's a family on top of the trailer to the right watching the wall of fire and smoke.  I missed the fire, but here's the smoke. ;)


I always did enjoy that show.


Kaylee woke up Saturday morning saying "I don't WANT to leave Oshkosh!"  This is her whining.


This is Kaylee rather unhappy as we drive past all the campers on our way out of Oshkosh for the last time this year.


And this is Kaylee passed out in the back seat during a traffic jam as we headed home at a high rate of speed of 15 mph.


These next shots are pictures I took of Oshkosh from the air during my helicopter ride.  I just wanted to try to get a feel from the air of the scope of the whole thing.  I know others have better shots, but this was hurried, and it was a gray scuddy day, so this is all I could get.  But you can still see the SIZE of this place... By the way, most of these are not repeat photos of the same area.






This is the photo where you can see where we are camping in the big version.  But I'm not going to draw an arrow on it right now.  Maybe later. ;)



Oshkosh's runway.


The center pavilion teeming with people.


If you look at the top of the photo, you can see the runway, and the massive numbers of people dots on the taxiways and walkways.



The covered tent area there is the "Fly Market", where the boys go to shop to their hearts' content.


This is part of the warbird field.  Nathan's Mustang is there, but pointing it out is too hard.


Some of the Mustangs.  His is second row far left with the red nose and yellow checkertail.




Folks camping in tents under their wings, just row after row of planes.



This was where the Good Year Blimp hung out when it wasn't flying.


This is Pioneer Airport, right behind Oshkosh, home of KidVenture, helicopter rides, and the 'old time' airplanes and flying.


It really is a neat place.



Okay, had to snag a photo of a couple of T-6's over the city of Oshkosh too...


And thus concludes your visual tour of our Mecca Chronicle to Oshkosh.  Hope you enjoyed, because my rear went numb putting all these up. ;)

(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)