Oshkosh 2007-Page III

7/20/07 - 7/28/07


You can't have an air show without skydivers, the American flag, and an airplane with smoke flying around them while the National Anthem plays.  You just can't.


I was trying to give you a sense of the mass of humanity out here, but pictures just can't pull it off.  However, in the sky you can see the smoke left by the Aeroshell T-6 aerobatic team.


There they are.  I think they're my favorite aerobatic act.  Maybe it's because they're T-6's, maybe because they sound AND look good.  Maybe.  ;)  (Nice yellow shirt there by the way, fella.  Thanks for distracting me from the rest.  Maybe I should PhotoShop that to black.)



And This was the Beach Boys concert.  They claimed to have over 12,000 people in attendance, and looking around, I could believe it.



Look at all those people...somewhere out there is Courtney, Chuck's friend, who got to go up on stage and dance during the concert!


Kaylee & Steve watching the show.


Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama...



Annnd, Kaylee poops out and uses my camera bag as a pillow. ;)



I used my telephoto lens to get a photo of them, but I couldn't see what I was doing through the eye piece, so I just held my camera up over the crowd with this huge lens on it and shot willy-nilly.  I mostly got them though.


Better of the stage here


No fair, these guys have better cameras and platforms than I do.


Steve and Kaylee are in the right corner, we're leaving the concert, and you can't even begin to see the number of people huddled under "Duggie"s wings.


This corral is huge.  It hosts the bicycles for everyone who rides from the campgrounds to get to the flight line.  No bikes allowed on the flight line, so you park them here, with thousands of others.


Somehow I managed to snap a picture of Steve while I was trying to hold my camera up and get photos of lots of bicycles.


Finally we make it back to camp.  I like this photo-the campers on the right, the country on the left, the dirt road, the girl with a walking stick.  It looks peaceful to me.



Kaylee is dress shopping at "American Girl".  Ah, she loves to shop!


Kaylee & Maggie are finding a couple of books to read at the book store next.



Terry, Dale and Steve were watching the airshow from our camper this day.



They're hard to see because I used flash, but see what Steve's pointing at?  It's the beginning of a starburst formation up in the sky.  I Loved this.



Whoosh, there they go, right over our heads.  How Nice is that?


Kaylee & Jamie are watching the sky divers.  Even kids stop playing long enough to watch now and then.


Kaylee's enjoying the formation up there.


The sunny yellow dress, the puppy in a hand bag (Oh dear, that sounds very 'high society'), but still watching the air show. ;)


Stop taking your photo?  Okay, okay.


Next I took Maggie & Kaylee to a little park there, and they got to swing and play and have fun for awhile.



"Ahoy there Matey!"








Miss Maggie's having fun too!


All together now


When we got back, the girls did a Lemonade Stand.  Now I know I have too many of these, but it's hard to pick, so deal with it.


First they drew up their advertising.  A sign that said "Lemonade $.25".  Kaylee added the word "Sugar", and Maggie drew lemons.


Once they got it just like they wanted it, I taped it to the trailer and Judy got the money box and lemonade ready.


Here they are, ready for business.


I said, here they are, ready for business.



Judy is the first customer, giving Maggie the opportunity to make change for $1.


Kaylee is the pourer, Maggie is the money taker.  They both did a great job!



Wow, look at that line-up of customers!



The girls are kept busy for a few minutes.


As the last cup of that "run" was poured, the girls...


Grabbed hands and started singing


"We're gonna be riiich, we're gonna be riiiich."


Getting a little tired.  Where are more customers?



"Be patient Maggie, they will come."


Or maybe a chair is a good idea!



Hey, another round of customers!



And *our* customers get an air show while they wait!


Kaylee makes sure to pour from the side so each of her customers can have some ice with their drink. And she didn't spill once!



Time to count the money.  The girls made $10, including the $2 that Judy donated as seed money.  The girls decided the money should go to "sick kids", so we decided on Riley Hospital for children.  Kaylee is a tad more Machiavellian, and has asked a few times why they can't keep SOME of the money.  I think it's a good exercise for her. ;)


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)