Oshkosh 2007-Page IV

7/20/07 - 7/28/07

Kaylee and her friend Ashley watching "Barbie Fairytopia"



Our campsite and fire and crew.



The open space is always wherever the smoke is blowing for the evening.


Dale decides to roast some marshmallows



Naturally he shares around the fire...



And then I came out of my trailer to see this.  What is she doing, you may ask?  Apparently 'hiding' from Ashley.  In plain sight.  On the grass.


This is the OshKosh B'Gosh outfit.



And here are Kaylee and Maggie on the bus on the way to KidVenture!



Here we are!  I had to back across a busy street while snapping this photo because the Street Watcher wouldn't let me stop in the road to take the shot.



First stop-a helicopter!



AirWolf, watch out...


Waiting in line for a REAL helicopter ride.  We waited about an hour, which ended up being okay.



Maggie & Kaylee blowing their "Red Baron" biplane whistles.  Red Baron gave away bags, free pizza, and everything today, and Boy did it come in handy!


It was raining while we waited for our chopper ride, so for awhile the girls ran around under the umbrella.  Then they gave up and just got wet.


After they wore out, they sat and chatted for awhile and we still waited for our helicopter.


Aren't they sweet?  ;)



Here is Judy, Maggie, Kaylee and me all waiting in line, at the front of the line now!



Here Kaylee and me are in the chopper, ready to go for our 3-4 minute ride.  It really was fun, actually-my first chopper ride there at Oshkosh.


Here's Kaylee after her ride, quite pleased!


In the blown-up version, you can see Judy and Maggie in here.  :)


They see me!  Coming in to land.



Blow this one up-Judy and Maggie smiling and waving, having rather enjoyed their chopper ride!



Exiting post-haste.  ;)


Kaylee & I in front of the choppers after our ride.


The girls at KidVenture, trying out a few cockpits.


Couple of chick pilots


Oh yes, perfect!



Now this was an airplane with "acting" rudder and stick.  You balanced yourself with weight shifting, and could use the rudder and stick to turn climb and descend.


I had her dive so I could get a shot.  Really, she kept it pretty balanced and did some nice coordinated turns.



Coming in for a landing...


Maggie was next-she liked the fighter pilot up and down maneuvering the best!



Good job, Maggie!



We stopped for a minute to color, giving the grown-ups some sit down time too.  This is for the new dvd series coming called "Andy's Airplanes", about kids who travel in many types of airplanes through various countries, learning as they go.


After that were pedal fighter jets.  These were trickier than they looked.


The girls had a bit of trouble getting going at first, but once they did, they were good to go.


Come on, that's cute.  It's on a painted "runway" deck too, which you can't really see here.



Too bad her knees kept hitting the top-that's why that 4-year-old little girl ran circles around Kaylee.  Yeah, that's it!  ;)



Kaylee & Maggie


Next up was building a glider


Kaylee's stamping her name on hers.



Maggie too!



Our volunteer girl didn't know how to put the plane together.  Seems like that should have been a requirement prior to volunteering in that section, but hey.  :)



Judy and I found a bench while the girls played in a sandbox and on a swingset for awhile.  We had more free pizza and relaxed!




Pioneer Airport, EAA KidVenture Museum, Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  :)


We had to do one photo with one girl in front, then another with the other in front.  Apparently nobody likes to be in the back when someone else is flying. ;)


Last one at KidVenture!



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)