Oshkosh 2007-Page II

7/20/07 - 7/28/07
Really, most of these photos are not of actual flying, but are of us and the kids, which should put it under "Fun Family" instead.  But it's Oshkosh, which is about flying, so...enjoy!

Stopping at Glenndale for a hand-held radio and a potty break before we head out.


One very full Jeep, one pretty day, and one excited 6-year-old.


Me and Kaylee with piles of Jeep stuff-on our way!



The Chicago skyline...see the red taillights of the cars to our right?  We never did have a tough trip up though!



Chicago-Kaylee's fascinated by the big tall buildings.  On the way home, the tops of the buildings were in the clouds.


God bless whoever came up with portable dvd players!



This was our home away from home!


It was brand new, sparkling clean, and very nice.



There was a secret hide-away place that Kaylee (and all kids) loved.  You could crawl in this little hole and be in a covered hidey hole, then push up the lid and come out inside the trailer under one of the beds.


This is where Kaylee slept.  She was on the top bunk for sleeping, she used the bottom bunk (currently occupied by Maggie) as a "thinking place", and when you lift that bottom bunk up, you get the "dressing room", which is the big open space with the hole out the side of the trailer.


There's really a lot of room in that hiding spot.  Here are Kaylee and Maggie together in there.  The top window is at the bed where Kaylee slept.



Look at those pretty girls.  :)


Nathan's bus has a wind sock on it and I just thought it was pretty.  What can I say.


Here's a back view of Nathan's bus, our Glenndale sign, the Golf Cart Brigade, and Dawn & Charlie's bus.


The first night we were there, there were just a few of us.  This is our first fire at sunset.


Charlie is the "Fire Master".  His Rule #1 is "Don't touch my fire."  Of course I enjoy doing just that at least once per trip.


This is where we lived for a week-at the corner of 41st and Elm Streets.  You can see behind the sign it's nothing but open field.  But in the other direction, it's wave after wave after wave of camper.  A little bit country, a little bit city.



And these are our closest port-o-potties.  You can see our camper in the background, and Nathan's bus.  The front of our trailer was on 41st Street and the back was on 42nd Street.  So the port-o-potties being on 43rd Street was no big deal.  Can you smell the vanilla scent from here??


I never did get a good shot of this water tower, but oh well.  We are headed into town to eat at our favorite restaurant in the city.


This one!  I took this with a cell phone to torture Nathan who wasn't here this night.


Perhaps you can't tell what this is, so let me give you a better view...


Oh. Yeah.  Some of the best crab legs around.  I'm getting hungry again...


After a big dinner, Kaylee made sure she made herself comfortable by the fire.


Yep, she looks comfy to me.  ;)



This was a group photo I took off the back of the golf cart, to send to Nathan who was back in Kokomo for the day, to say "Nah Nah" I mean "Wish you were here!"


Ah, it's the next day, and time to go pick up Nathan at the flight line.  The girls are ready to go--until we start walking in earnest anyway!



This is one of the gates by which you can access the flight line and stores.  They used to allow you access to all the 'shopping' without having flight line passes, but they've lumped it into one these days, presumably to make more money.


Kaylee & Maggie holding hands and running to catch up to Steve and Chuck.  I'm about to have to do the same.


There's no real perspective for how BIG this thing is.  It's a lovely sight though.


As you may guess, this is where Nathan's Mustang is housed while he's here.


This photo was for Nathan and maybe Doug.  This was a set up outside at a campsite for beverages.



The Good Year Blimp certainly made itself known this week-it was flying over the camp ground all the time.  I'd like a ride in a blimp some day.


And This, ladies and gents, is an exhausted six-year-old.  Look at those circles under her eyes!


Walking walking walking...but so much to see.



I wasn't very prepared for this shot so it's not the best, but if you blow it up (it's not as big as the rest of these photos) you can get a decent view.



This is Nathan's Mustang, surrounded by interested folks just looking around.


This is Nathan's son Jamie in a Jeep.  :)


And poking his head over his Dad's Mustang.


Nathan and Mark Watt (the other guy that takes the Mustang to air shows for Nathan).


Chuck rests under the Mustang wing to get out of the sun.


While Nathan gets debriefed for his upcoming day, Jamie & Steve hang out and goof off in the warbird section.


Nathan's pointing to his new plane.  Right.  I'll give you two guesses who built this "working" airplane.  The Shriners, who else!?


Oh man was this fun to watch.  These two played at the beginning of each show, and they were amazing together.  The Mustang is the "Excaliber", which was on our wingtip when we went over the Indy 500.


Really, it's amazing to see these vastly different aircraft maneuvering around in formation.


Airshow time back at camp.



In case you couldn't tell, there are airplanes up there. ;)


Even tired Kaylee is looking.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)