Oshkosh 2012 III

Oshkosh, WI 7/20/12 - 7/29/12

On the dock at Wendt's.


Hmmm, what kind of look is that??


What a lovely evening...


We were in Fightertown Cafe when it started to rain, really hard, which wasn't helpful to the poor folks sitting under the umbrellas there.


And right about here the rain and wind picked up so much that umbrellas started breaking off, people started running, and oh yes, our entire giant tent started collapsing on top of us.  It was saved by a lot of people working together.  Nobody hurt, thankfully.


Here we are walking back after the storm passed, to see what damage our campsite may have sustained. Which thankfully ended up being nothing...the winds weren't as strong over there as they were where we were.


And THIS was a photo taken by someone else of the cell that hit us.  Is that impressive, or what??  Dude...


This was the only major damage to an airplane...the one flipped on top of the thunder mustang.  :(  (Photo by Zak)



My camera quit working during the wind/rain storm, naturally, making me miss the photo ops there, so when I finally got it working again, this was my test photo.  :)


Finally, the burn ban was lifted, and we were able to have ourselves a real fire.  :)


Under the canopy one fine evening...


Back in the Square.  This gent had a great view.


It was the day/time to get your picture taken if you're a woman pilot. A friend reminded me, so Kaylee and I went.  They were out of shirts my size, so I had a "medium" shirt I held up in front of me during the photo. We were posed in front of FiFi.


Just a good view


Kaylee loved the C-5 Galaxy. She said "I'd give anything to be able to fly this."  I told her the military could help her with that.  ;)



View out of the back of the C-5.


Yes, it did have to be done, sorry...



Hey, we're back at the Sea Plane base!



Such a beautiful, peaceful place...



Although at $30 for three of us to eat a sandwich and two of us to have a drink, a bit steep!


But could you ask for a nicer stop in the day?





Chittin and Chattin.  :)


I had to get at least SOME pictures on the hill.  :)


Queen of the Mountain!


A Queen who started running down the hill...


Only to find Gravity an issue.  ;)



Stop and smell the flowers...


Did she win?



More cards...



Jamie, Billy & Kaylee doing...I dunno what.


Goodyear Blimp behind our campsite...


Our Cub reigns over the tent


Watching the air show in comfort



More air show watching


You see a lot of strange things at Oshkosh.  I wouldn't mind having one of these.  ;)



Why, what's this we see?  Speaking of strange things, I do believe it's the Blue's Brothers...


Why yes, yes it is.

With Kaylee and friends.  ;)


The kids do a play...Kaylee is taking a "ticket" from Kennedy.


It has just occurred to Steve that the kids are making fun of us.


He looks kind of proud, to me.  ;)


Actors and Actresses take a bow...


And a theatrical pose...


Again speaking of weird things, this is an airplane that you can take on the road.


It went to Ardy & Ed's, like we did.  Ours was for a milkshake, with a side of news crews and too much traffic.  ;)



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 7/30/12)