Oshkosh 2012 II

Oshkosh, WI 7/20/12 - 7/29/12

Friendly hugs by the "fire".



Kaylee's playing cards with Dave, Zak & Nate.



The sun is down, generators are keeping the lights on, and we're just hanging out.  That's what we do.  ;)


There was a Ferris Wheel set up by Ford, so Kaylee and I rode on that one.  You got a pretty good view of Oshkosh from there, really.


Here's a picture behind us of RV Nation.


Another view of the runway area...


Conquering the Ferris Wheel was Step One.



Kaylee and I went through the Square and visited the various airplanes that would let you go through them.



And then it was time for Step Two.  I don't even know what this is called.  The Bungee Launcher?


This is to give you a little perspective on how tall the poles are--you still can't see the tops of them in this picture.


They hook you up to a bunch of rubber bands...


Tie you down while they stretch all the rubber bands out as far as they'll go, and then...


Yeeeee Haw!! 



Seriously, I'd have done it too except the line took too long.



She had a ball.



I like this one...



Getting unhooked--and you can see here where they were on the Square, right next to Big Bertha there.



Dun da DUN...Conquered.  :)


Lookie there, it's time for an airshow again.



T-6s going over.



Nobody's perfect...but it's nice to see somebody else more experienced than you be not perfect once in awhile too.


Today was the only day I saw a lot of mass formations.  The rest of the week it didn't really happen for some reason.




Airshow away!


Can't get the colors right on these, but nice view, and the RVs did a nice job up there this week.


Steve & Kenny hanging with Doug and watching the show.


AE is trying to believe the story Greg and Charlie are telling, I think.  ;)


More cards.  Kaylee, Billy, Jamie & Zak.


Just chilling.



Some folks have camera radar...



Oshkosh is hard on young men.  ;)


Eating at Wendt's! Josh for the first time wearing sleeves even, Nate, Zak, Steve, Dave, Kaylee, and a hiding Jamie.


AE, Steve, Nathan, Kenny, and John


Doug, Kennedy, Dora, Greg, and Charlie


Hmm, a blurry but still better one of Table One.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 7/30/12)