Oshkosh 2012

Oshkosh, WI 7/20/12 - 7/29/12

We're here! AE and Kenny did so much work, for days before we even got there, and what a nice welcome sight the camp was!



This was our home for the next 9 days, be it ever so humble.


Nathan's family had found a Checkertail Mustang kite, which spent the week hanging on the overhangs and looking cool.


A massive city to your right, packed full of people, and a quiet deserted cornfield to the left.


We went to the flightline to watch the mass Bonanza arrival.  Click on the picture and you can see the dots going back for miles, of airplanes coming in to land.


They got in something like 120 Bonanzas all down in 14 minutes.  Pretty amazing!


This one had trouble. He hit some dirty air and got flung over into an area he wasn't supposed to be, with his wing dropped much closer to the ground than this. Fortunately he pulled it together.


Really though--blow this up and look at it.  Isn't that something?


Just walking around the grounds...



So what do you do when it's really hot and stuffy under the main tent?  You hang floor fans from the support bars on the ceiling, of course!  Zak looks thrilled about this.  ;)


Steve getting it in place...


But it's easier with a little help. The end product, two fans pointed down into the area, worked pretty well!



Kaylee, Jamie & Nathan try to fly the Mustang kite.




It got airborne briefly, but there just wasn't enough wind to let it really fly.


It didn't stop them from trying for awhile, though.  :)



This picture was overexposed, but it kind of turned out cool anyway...



See, there's the finished product, fans on the ceiling. Underneath is Steve & Zak T, and his friends from school Nate and Josh. Doug is in the blue shirt.



This bus got itself into a pickle.  It delivered the South Africans to their camp site, then came down a road that took them a multi-person conference, some backing up, some head scratching, and a more knowledgeable driver's input, but finally they were around the corner without flattening the sign.


Hooligan Kaylee shows off the port-o-pot she decorated.



It was hot, but we went walking and found something like 100 Cubs tied down all together.  A sea of yellow...


The ultralight strip was busier this year than last year, which was great. I missed them last year! Another little bit of country if you get too crowded back there on the flightline or the Square.


THIS square, where you can see throngs of people and all the coolest planes.  Here's the Red Tail Mustang sharing space with various other birds.


The Ford Trimotor was busy, as always, hopping rides.


The homebuilt area had some pretty interesting things to look at, as always.  People can stop asking me "What is that?" now, because I never know.


2012 Arch...


Just rows upon rows upon rows of airplanes...


Let the airshow begin!



There are the boys.  :)


Have I said yet this year "They make it look sooo easy"? 


RV boys did a nice job.


Hanging out under the tent, enjoying a little food, a little shelter, and an air show.



Thanks to the drought conditions, we were under a "Burn Ban", which meant no wood fires at night.  So Steve solved that problem, and we had our fire, by George.  Blow up the photo-can you tell?  From a distance, it looked real enough.  :)


Kaylee and her friend by the "fire".



Twilight falls over the camp, rope lights lit, Cub against the sky...




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 7/30/12)