Oshkosh 2011 Page Six

Oshkosh, WI July 22-31, 2011
Photos by Steve Tummers, who got over 1000 wonderful airplane/airshow/aviation shots.


Just arrived, some of the guys are setting up.


Breaking out a fan...



The FW-109


Signed by a few famous people, if you blow up the photo.


The Bonanza Boys coming in for a mass arrival.


Looks like fun, doesn't it?


Welcome to Oshkosh!




The lovely D family


Eating at Wendt's


Good perch, a must-visit.


Steve, Kaylee & Jamie


We brought a freezer this year...


And the kitchen sink.  ;)


Friends Nathan & Doug


Zak and Laura on the hill with the kids




If I had an aviation idol, which I don't, but if I did, it would be this man.  Ladies and gents, Mr. Bob Hoover.


Bicycles and golf carts galore parked in one spot prior to entering a gate where nothing is allowed but your feet.



Formations formations formations


Fine, ONE more of the Aeroshell Team.


Steve.  :)


John, Steve, Walt, Laura, AE, Greg From Australia, etc.


The ladies at the WASP forum.




The new Dreamliner...




Oops.  One F-16 off the end of the runway.


This was the strangest looking paint job for a jet...


100 Years of Naval Aviation.

The Airshow Begins


Matt Younkin in the Twin Beech


Beautiful plane.


Mr. Jim Zazas on the announcer's stand during the show.


Heh.  That's just mean looking.  I like it.


Jim Z. on the announcer's stand.







Duggie smiles while the wall of fire burns.


Jon, Greg, Doug and Stormy


Hanging out


Greg from Australia helps out on the grill.


Stormy & Doug Sr.


Me up on the hill taking photos...


Our camp.


Greg cooking and Jon snapping photos

The lake at Oshkosh

Naval Aviation...


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 8/28/11)