Oshkosh 2011 Page Three

Oshkosh, WI July 22-31, 2011

Steve, Jamie & Kaylee at Pioneer Airport, leaving KidVenture


Walking away...


The obligatory KidVenture sign shot!


Two finished ram air turbines


Okay, this is what happens when you let women into aviation.  Stickers on the door, flowers, hand sanitizer on a table...


Leis and flowers around the inside,



Parasols, light globes, even a fog machine at night, and I kid you not.


Here's the men's port-o-pot next to it. ;)


The mud strikes this year too, though not as bad...


Cool new $2 shades from the Fly Market


And because Grandmas like to see eyes more than sunglassess...


Watching the air show in style and comfort.


Time to fly her own model plane





They flew those to death for awhile there...


Warbird day, lots and lots of airplanes again.



A couple of Stearmen in formation isn't all that common to see.


Neither is a P-38 flying in the show.




I always like that move...


Here comes FiFi with her bomb doors open.


The only (I think) flying B-29 Fortress.

Normally large clouds of smoke would be a scary problem, but it's life as usual at Oshkosh.


Missing Man formation.  "And puuuuuuuullllllllllll"


Heavy Metal jet team. They do a really nice job.


I climbed the hill again to take some pics. The campsite folks are all waving at me.


And now all are pointing at the sign. Though I think Steve is taking the bow there.  ;)


Campground and flowers at sunset


More view of trailers.  There are what, 60 rows just like this one? Just in this section?  Huge...


Ultralights over the fields.


You can seet hem all buzzing around in the bigger picture


Ground level campsite photo


A doofus not associated with us slides down the hill backwards after attempting to go up it forwards.



Doug, Russ and Trey, and I can't remember the young lady's name off hand.



One of the busiest corners in the camp.  Fly Market is to the right, the campgrounds are behind the camera, the Red Barn store is to the left, and straight ahead is the main entrance to the flight line, Oshkosh, the bus station, etc.


Kaylee and Jamie on the golf cart inside



The Zeppelin, one of the only flying dirigibles around.



The Zeppelin over FiFi


The B-29 Flying Fortress FiFi

The sun goes down over Oshkosh Saturday evening

Oshkosh tower and the Zeppelin


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 8/28/11)