Oshkosh 2011

Oshkosh, WI July 22-31, 2011

Home sweet home for the week...


Kaylee has decided she likes her bed.


The guys setting up the overhangs for our shade for the week



And BOY did we need that shade, too!


What's the first thing on the agenda?  For kids to climb The Hill, of course.



Gwenie points out the "No sliding down hill" sign.


So they didn't--the walked up and down it all day.



Our campsite almost all the way set up, banner and all.



It was super hot and windy, so the kids took umbrellas up on the hill for shade. The wind made it sporting. ;)


By the next day the "No sliding" sign was gone and a security guy told the kids they could slide if they were careful.


So this is Kaylee taking Gwenie on her first ever hill ride.


They both look a little freaked out here, but both jumped up laughing.


Later was a stop at Ardy & Ed's for cool drinks and to try to watch a Bonanza formation fly-in. They went to another runway so we couldn't see them.  Oh well...


Time to fly kites...



You can no longer say "we brought everything but the kitchen sink."  Because we DID bring a kitchen sink this year, and the guys just finished hooking it all up to a large water tank. Success.  ;)



Doug & Doug setting up their tent while Stormy supervises.



Sitting and resting a bit


Four evenly-spaced kids climbing up the hill, which has lost a bit more grass now.



Slightly manic-looking smile.


AE & Tre chat


Sunset trip up for more.


Our campsite from the top of the hill.


On the hill...


A snapshot of the campground from the hill


Gwenie's solo trip down the hill backwards


I'd say it was a success.  :)


Back up for more. You can't say enough about the exercise this provides. ;)


My girl


Four folks, one piece of carboard, let's see how this goes...


Pretty well, I'd say, that's a lot of laughing.  ;)


Checkertail--may not be ours, but it's pretty anyway.


Steve explains to Kaylee the history of the FW-109


One Big Bomb.


You have to have some ice cream each day, right?


Some random guy sits on the hill and watches the air show under an umbrella with a drink in hand.



Aeroshell Team--my favorites as always.



This was a gorgeous sky, too. These airshow photos I'm posting are almost all pretty much untouched for coloring.




Matt Younkin in his Twin Beech. This is the airplane he flew his sister Amanda across the country to bring her home to bury her after her wingwalking fire accident.


A Twin Beech upside down...


Our too-often-topless neighbor with his "Stick and Rudder" license plate.


Watching the air show as usual.


AE Rests after a lot of work

Doug Relaxing


Doug Sr. checking things out comfortably as well.  :)



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 8/28/11)