Oshkosh 2011 Page Four

Oshkosh, WI July 22-31, 2011

Camera operator for the night air show


Seal Team Six dropped in for the night show


Forgive all the blurrines.  Either I or my camera or both don't do night shots real well.  This is the Aeroshell team on takeoff for their night show.


Aeroshell Team on takeoff


Flying through their own smoke


Climbing out






The one clear shot of the whole night.  If that whole lit-up flaming T-6 stuff isn't awesome, I don't know what is.


When they all line up and come at you, it looks like one big UFO aimed at you.


Awesomeness.  Aeroshell Team comes screaming down the runway, covered in smoke, in the dusk, lit up like aliens.





All of Aeroshell Square was lit up like a carnival. Planes were blue lit, they had carnival foods and handed out those glow-in-the-dark necklaces and such.



I don't know who all these performers are off hand, but here goes the night show.



Some planes used LED lights


Some had actual fireworks shooting out of them somehow


Some just had sparkler-style flames



And some (not this guy) used all the above.




Green light is right wing, red light is left wing.


Next came a 14-minute firework display set perfectly to music.



Again, awesomeness.  When they played "Danger Zone", I burst out laughing.



If you blow this up, I lightened it some so you can see a tiny portion of the crowd, too.  Unreal.



What's this, you ask?  It's a jet truck doing several hundred miles an hour shooting a 75' flame out the back of it which set off....



The Wall of Fire at night.


See the guy at the base of it with his arms raised up? There's a fire fan, and that's sort of creepy, actually.


Just beautiful...


What ran through my mind was the Revelations Bible quote, also used in the movie "Tombstone", that said something like "And Hell's Coming With It!"

The fire lit up the entire sky so bright that people miles away could see it. The guys back at the campsite were amazed.



Packing up the campground for this year.



Pop ups, gone. Grass, up. Trailers, cleaned out. Last of the tables, almost in.


Kaylee resting in the shade...



Done and driving away for the year.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 8/28/11)