Oshkosh 2011 Page Two

Oshkosh, WI July 22-31, 2011

Of course we must have lights in the pop ups so we can see at night...



First dinner-Steve T. cooking up a storm to the right, folks lining up to eat...



Nathan's sitting at the table with a couple of special Chapter 1000 guests, including Mr. Jimmy Doolittle III, the grandson of Jimmy Doolittle.  Mr. Doolittle III retired as a Colonial who was the Vice Commander of the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base in California. It was an honor to meet him.


Another windy day, another good time to go fly some kites.



Speaking of kites, we have Jamie & Gwenie flying a kite while a manned kite flies around in the background. (That would be an ultralight if you don't get it)



Kaylee met a couple of good friends this year. Jackie and David...


Kids, hill, ultralight


Our first campfire of the week


We had a pretty sky this night...


Getting dark over the campgrounds


Jim Z and his friend Michelle, AE


AE, Cory & Bob from Michigan, Steve C.


Steve & Nathan


You can see a helicopter go upside down once a year and it's STILL wrong.


The warbirds show was pretty big, and they did a lot of formations.  Red Star, T-6s, T-34s, T-28s.


These are the T-6s. There were 20 of them on this day.





Different altitudes, flying by in various formations.



Doug joins the kids on the hill for a bit.



One Wiped-Out Person.


Time to hit the hangars and go shopping.



Kaylee Loved the Terrafugia. The flying car.


She thought the colors could be nicer, but loves the concept.



Grabbing the stick and screaming in the helicopter.


Steve was shaking it, so that might be why.



Back in a jet...



Grabbing the yoke and screaming. Hmm, has she been coming with me on flight lessons?  ;)



Gotta hit the warbird, of course.


Mr. Stormy trying to make "Regulations" fascinating to small children.  Bravo on the effort!



Kaylee & Jamie wait for their turn to fly the helicopter.


You sit in an actual seat with actual controls, and the move an RC copter behind a safety fence. Pretty cool.


Couldn't get a picture of the kid and the copter and the controls all at once, but here she goes.


Concentrating on getting the hover down. She did better than I would, I'd bet.

Electrical system in an airplane--showing how you use a battery and circuits and so forth to provide a beacon, a circuit breaker, a switch, how all that works.


A Ram Air Turbine that they build up from a bag of parts.


Connecting the wiring to the generator


Screwing together the casing while glaring at Mom for taking another picture



See the red LED light at the bottom glowing?  That's proof that it works.  :)



Flying an airplane on a string with guidance.


You can see the airplane to the left of the Pepsi truck in the trees.

The plane goes high and fast-it's up in the blue sky to the right now.

He helps her guide it around and fly it--she had a lot of fun with that.


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 8/28/11)