BBQ Bash Glenndale Days V

September 19-21, 2008

Maggie on the left, Kaylee in the blue shirt, working the face-painting table.


Kaylee does her face-painting job.


Trey flies the T-6 off, goodbye to Glenndale, Smoke on.



Until next year, hopefully!


Kaylee on Monday Morning.


Even chocolate pebble cereal couldn't help.  ;)

Photos by Mel Thomas and Jerry Long

Our Banner


One of the Kid Jumpies


People watching the two T-6s fly over Friday.


The T-6s going by


View from the ground.



Richard & Ann with the SMA table.  :)


Going for a ride!


Regular rides going.


Steve & Nathan parking the Mustang.



Landing at Glenndale



Our DJs for the event!


The raffle plane and helpers


Dale chatting



Steve and Jonathan working on a stuck canopy.



Steve and Laura



Steve Cusick



Steve, Jon's son, Jon and Nathan


Mitch and Mike, Greg


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)