BBQ Bash Glenndale Days III

September 19-21, 2008



By the Wright Tower doing a pass over Glenndale.




Going by the folks Friday evening


End of the runway...



Trey in the back of the Woods T-6, Nathan's T-6 in formation.



Glenndale Runway 18 to the left of the canopy.



Coming down for another pass.


Runway to the right of the canopy


Interesting angles and reflections.  :)


The rest of these photos are Laura's.  I was flying in the back of the other T-6 taking photos of this one with Duane and Trey.


We flew over the Howard County Veterans Association's event, much to their delight.


The two T-6s in formation over the crowd


Smoke on!


It was packed out down there...


We gave them a few passes...


Formation takeoff out of Kokomo



Flight over Kokomo



And now my turn to take a photo of their T-6 over Glenndale.




Just a beautiful evening...


The airport as of Friday evening, before we even really got going.



Going by at a fairly high rate of speed.  ;)





(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)