BBQ Bash Glenndale Days

September 19-21, 2008

Smoke on over Glenndale


"Docs that Rock" singing at our event


Duane, Steve and Kenny relaxing Friday evening.


Some folks hanging out by the camp fire on Friday.


Two T-6s and a Mustang going by overhead.


T-6 coming in to land...


The Mustang parks, people gather.


I like the people on the roof of Jim's hangar off to the left.  :)


Setting up chairs and watching the landings up close and personal, much to the delight of the instructors/pilots.  ;)


Some of the kid area, the pedal plane raffle table...


Hanging out...


Lots of hanging out.



Two T-6s.



Jonathan and his son fueling up the T-6 while Nathan and Duane talk.




Why are almost all of those people looking at me and laughing/smiling/smirking??  I am suddenly a tad suspicious...


Sunset on the Mustang


The tables are full at our BBQ dinner-we had to eat in shifts!



T-6 landing over the other T-6


Ty, who did not get a full-service ride in the T-6, walking away with a smile.  ;)



People watching the skydivers come down to Van Halen's "Jump" and then "Proud to Be an American".


They came down when it was pretty dark, but it was pretty in person.





Kaylee at her face-painting station.


They did balloons, too.


T-6 taxis by the Mustang


People get to get up close and enjoy the views...



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)