BBQ Bash Glenndale Days

September 19-21, 2008

Steve and Nathan wait by our rigged-up fax machine, hoping for the FAA letter of approval to show up.


Stiiiiiill waiting!


Nathan in the front, Laura in the back of the T-6, taking off Friday evening for some fun.



The Following Photos are taken by and property of Trey Carroll and not to be copied or used without permission, thanks. :)





A beautiful Fall day for a flight.





You can see Nathan's airplane out the left canopy of the Woods T-6.  Duane in the front seat, Trey in the back taking photos.





T-6 off the right



Silhouette shot



Over Kokomo


At Kokomo Airport


Formation take-off-and I'm taking a photo of them, too. ;)



Takeoff out of Kokomo



Laura taking a photo of Trey taking a photo.





(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)