Glenndale Days BBQ Bash 2007!

Glenndale, Indiana September 21-23, 2007

Up, up and away!



These are the three bouncies we got for the kids.  We had an awesome bouncy water today, who kept a good eye on the kids.  She's hired!


Kaylee with her 19 balloon animals for the day.



T-6 on a take-off with smoke on.


Love that sound.




Trey ready to load the next passenger.



Things are quieting down a bit now.  The green tent was our DJ "home", and it was HOT today so folks stayed in the shade of the open hangars.


Trey with Greg's Chipmonk.


Six coming in for its final landing of the day.





The airport with the T-6 at the end, and the 172s waiting for riders.

The Citabria waits for the T-6 to backtaxi.


Trey, Duane and their last passenger.


Mike Wild with a student in the Cub.


Greg's Chipmonk, Chuck's Citabria and Bob's RV.


The Cub.


(clockwise starting photo left) AE, Justin, Nathan, Steve, Dale.


Duane and Trey head off into the sunset.


With one last overhead pass to tide us over until next year.


The smoke trails off.



And this lovely photo is a snapshot of all the Trash we accumulated during the BBQ Bash.  Amazing!!  And yet our airport grounds, hangars, and offices were all almost totally trash free.  Folks did a fantastic job, as always, of keeping litter off the ground here!


Photos Taken By Trey Carroll


Mustang doing a pass, looking through the Stearman.


Nathan Davis and Mike Wild in the Mustang.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)