Glenndale Days BBQ Bash 2007!

Glenndale, Indiana September 21-23, 2007

Our Banner is Up as of Friday Morning!


This is our Friday Lunch crowd taking a break from setting up.


Glenndale from the air.


In the big version, you can see all the campers lined up by the hangar, and the jumpies are there too. 

This is our "H" for Helipad, for LifeLine.


There's a better view of the campers.  :)


And the office, new addition, jumpies, etc.


The Long Walk.  ;)  Dale Etherington heads to the T-6 for his first ride ever, with the pilot Duane Carroll and his son Trey.


Dale hopping in.


Duane's up front, Dale's in the seat, and Trey, well, Trey's helping Dale get situated.


Dale won't turn his head and crack a smile for anything!  Focused and ready to go.  ;)




The whole bird.


Here's our hangar set up with tables, chairs, and banners.


Dale and Duane are back, and Dale's got that thing all figured out, no problem.  :)


This was our Friday Night Pizza Hut Pizza Crew.


Just group shots.


The end of the row.  We had dozens of pizza.  Funny, I didn't see much left over, either.  Later we watched "Flyboys", which I didn't think was half bad.


Saturday Morning has arrived along with two Stearmans!


And Jenny Messer set up a really nice booth with scented lip balms, soaps, creams, etc. that she makes herself.  They're really nice, and reasonable.



So why not stop over at and check out the goods and maybe order a thing or two?  :)


Ted Bradfield is our Em Cee, and he does a fantastic job as always.  Here he is giving away a free plane ride to "the first people that stop and chat with the guy with the mic".  He's the right man for that job!



Just some of the people lining up to take plane rides.


This is a scary looking kitty cat.  :)  Pam's daughter Charity did face (and hair) painting for a bunch of kids, and Kaylee was a kitty.


And here's a smilier kitty!



Just folks hanging out.


Watching planes go by.

Here are three of the C-172s we used to give rides.


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)